I welcome all feedback, both positive and negative (so long as it’s courteous and respectful).  If you find yourself intrigued by the idea of developing an honesty culture, and you would seriously consider getting actively involved in the effort IF you believed it could actually succeed—but you still have certain questions, or doubts, or concerns, or reservations, or objections, that are holding you back from active involvement—then I would be happy to try to respond to those questions myself, or else perhaps direct you to resources that might do a better job of giving satisfactory answers to your questions.

When formulating questions, however, bear in mind that I am only providing the outline of an “honesty culture” strategy in my writings; I am not trying to set up an organization.  It would be up to others to help fill in the details of any honesty culture movement that developed—through their own actions and organizing, and through the types of consensus agreements, forms of association, and generally accepted “mores” that they arrived at by means of ongoing discourse among the members.  The honesty culture I am proposing would be organic and “bottom-up” in nature, and its development would necessarily be evolutionary.  So it is impossible for me to offer precise predictions with regard to exactly how it would develop.  At this point, I instead choose to focus most of my attention on certain key principles that—if never forgotten—would, I believe, make the success of an “honesty culture” strategy inevitable.  Depending on the specific decisions members made with respect to their organizing activities (over which I would obviously have no control), the success of the strategy might come about in the relatively near future, or it might come about in the relatively distant future; but, so long as those key principles were always kept in mind and adhered to, I believe its success would come about.

Having said that, suggestions regarding how to improve the “honesty culture” strategy, increase its chances of success, and increase the speed at which it would develop, are especially welcome.  I can’t force anyone to act on those suggestions, but, if they seem sensible to me, I can at least pass them along with my recommendation.